A portrait can adjust the way you feel about yourself. A picture can be an incredible celebration of a particular moment in your life or the lives of the ones you love. A picture can be a fantastic gift.  Everyone deserves a beautiful portrait of themselves.

You deserve images that make you proud. There are many reasons why you would want a stunning appearance—a celebration of a milestone in your life. Perhaps you are investing in your brand and want to establish your image.

Maybe; it's a gift for someone you love. It could be a way to create a picture of the ones you love into fine art portraiture worthy of your shelf. Maybe you are a performer or artist that needs promotional imagery. Perhaps it is just time to reward yourself—whatever the reason. I'll help you feel comfortable, confident and co-create images that meet your goals. Our pictures will flatter and showcase your strengths.

When you hire me for your portrait session, you get more than a remarkable final image, a memorable and enjoyable experience. 

When ordering, click on the "Visit Shop" button for greeting cards, posters, mugs, puzzles, wall mounts, bookmarks, T-Shirts, or prints are available. (not on all photos) Just add the selection to your shopping cart and enjoy it.


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Thank you again,


G. Lassiter

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