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Today I submitted my portfolio to my school for a grade. As I went through the process of creating the different images then breaking those image down to 25 to submit to a board of judges I realize that I have never entered my photography skills into a competition before. Each one of those images represent a moment of my life, thoughts, moods, and talent level. Now waiting for the results of this submission it the real test, however the result I must realize that when present you talent to any other person they are judging your body of work so why is this any different.

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You Never Know. (original blog date 11/6/13) https://www.glassiterimages.com/blog/2014/4/you-never-know
At least once a month I volunteer to photograph activities in the church I attend. The activity I mostly photograph is the baptism service. On one of these hot baptismal services a young man made the decision to give his life and be baptized, however because of the suddenness of his decision he choose to do it in his everyday clothes. I had the opportunity to capture this moment before and after his dealing with the cold water of the pool. This was a proud moment for him and his family.

On October 26, 2013, this you man was shoot and at his home going service, during the final words about his life it was mentioned the image that was taken during his baptism I posted on Facebook. It brought the family and friends to celebration to what he had done that day. It hit me suddenly that the image I capture was very important to his family and friends. It gave us a level of comfort that words could not reach.

I knew this young man and he was a good person. Having his home going on his 19th birthday had profound effect on my outlook towards photography.


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