A Friend(non-registered)
The main feeling I have after viewing the black and white photos is a feeling of peace. So the ones that spoke to me the most were those of nature and the animals. Some of the adjectives that came to mind was simplistic, honesty, no distraction, beauty. The other thing that happened is I felt a sense of nostalgia and reminiscence of simpler times.
Ida Carson(non-registered)
Awesome eye for detail! I would love for you to add my pictures you took of me on your website.
Vicky Rainey(non-registered)
Very Beautiful pictures. You do an amazing job!!
Jean Givner(non-registered)
Beautiful, moving, fun, and inspiring....great photos...you really capture the essense of your subjects and the people in the photographs! I enjoyed the site..great work!
Tyler Nadzam(non-registered)
Thanks for getting those shots of me, puts a little fire into me to be back there again. I have been slacking on the prospecting, the time is now. I will be on that stage many times next year and I know you will be there with me. Time to kick some butt and find new groups. Directs are my next avenue that I will be goin after in the evenings. This is my way of maximizing my time, Crue will probably come al0ng to close the deal on some too. lol thanks again for those pictures Gr0ver, Im sorry it took so long to get on here, but i needed to see that. CABO HERE WE COME
Michele McCaskill-Miller(non-registered)
This is a great website...Are you a photographer? very interesting and exciting...I love the website.
THELMA SIMMONS(non-registered)
Beautiful photos your doing a great job..
Ina Moore(non-registered)
Grover you are an extrodinary photographer and I really appreciate viewing your pictures. Good Luck in your future endeavors, and may God continue to Bless you!
Rhonda Monroe(non-registered)
Very impressive Grover... good luck on all of your future ventures.
Blessings and more to you and you family.
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